Thursday, June 11, 2020

NS/NYC Pine Yard


George took these photos from the EJ&E Bridge that we see in many of the photos of NYC Pine Tower.

George M Stupar posted
Circa 1979, Gary (Pine & Curtis) IN, Another angle on the track configuration. View southeast.
Dennis DeBruler What is the name of the yard? I noticed that NS has kept most of the tracks in it.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3

Bob Lalich commented on Dennis' comment on George's post
The former NYC yard was called Pine Yard in the maps in my collection. Here is one.
Unlike the map, most of the tracks today on the east end got to CN/EJ&E and Kirk yard instead of the NS/NYC mainline.

George M Stupar posted
1979 Gary IN, View of the Pine and Curtis area looking northeast from the EJ&E highline.
John George Interesting photo, I have taken shots from here also over the years but it’s changed a lot. What is the track going to on the bottom right of the picture.
[Taken from the south side of the bridge.]

Dennis DeBruler commented on John George's comment on George's post
Neither that spur nor the slag dump was in a 1953 topo.
1960 Whiting and Highland Quadrangles @ 1:24,000
According to topo maps, the spur was removed between 1980 and 1991.

George M Stupar posted
March 1979, Gary IN, View of the Pine and Curtis area looking southeast from the EJ&E highline.
Joel J. Sieracki So much good stuff. Rebuilt GP9 trailing and 40' CP box cars first out.

George M Stupar posted
Circa 1979, Gary (Pine) IN, A view looking south from the east side of the EJ&E highline.
[The yard is out-of-frame on the left.]

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