Sunday, March 7, 2021

1964 Markland Locks, Dam, Bridge and 81mw Hydropower on Ohio River near Warsaw, KY

(Bridge HunterSatellite)

This dam replaced dams #35-39. The locks are the standard 1,200' and 600' locks.


Eugene Griffith, Jul 2018

Street View

J.B. Good posted
The photo is the upper forebay at Markland Lock, Feb. 3rd, 1978.
[1978 was one of those bad winters at the end of the 1970s. According to the comments, the lock was shutdown for three weeks.]

Some comments on Good's post talk about the Clare E Beatty sinking at the lock.
Update: a comment by Gary George on a post provides the best clue I've found as to how this boat got into trouble (I added some punctuation): "Hey I was there and assisted through the lock by the old Daytona, now the Whosier State. I think any only more boat got through after me before the gorge broke lose carrying the Beaty fleet and boats down on the dam." [Beaty was a recovery and salvage company.]

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