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1929 RJCC/CSX/(C&O+L&N) and 1910 Road Bridges over Kentucky River in Frankfort, KY

Railroad: (Bridge Hunter; Historic BridgesSatellite)
Both: (Satellite) These bridges appear to share some piers.

RJCC = R J Corman Railroad - Central Kentucky Line

According to the 2005 SPV Map, C&O and L&N shared this route through Frankfort.

C Hanchey Flickr, this is the first of several photos of this bridge
Comment from comparable photo in Bridge Hunter: 1929 three span (girder, Warren and Pennsylvania) through truss railroad bridge next to Broadway Bridge (1910 Baltimore Petit truss)

Walter Laughling commented in Bridge Hunter-Road:
A couple of points of correction: This is actually TWO bridges. The highway bridge carrying Broadway (and this modern affectation of calling it Broadway STREET annoys me to no end) was built in 1898 as the railroad bridge. It also had a wooden deck to allow wagons and pedestrians to use it. It replaced the first iron railroad bridge in 1898 - a Fink truss built in 1868. The Fink truss replaced the second railroad covered bridge at this location lost in a flood in 1867. The second covered bridge replaced the first covered bridge which was burned by the Confederates in 1863 during the occupation of Frankfort. The covered bridge replaced the first railroad bridge at the location which was a wire suspension bridge. 

The present railroad bridge was built in 1929.

Julie Bowers comment in Bridge Hunter-Road
The detailed map from 1871 clearly shows the Fink truss at this location. That truss was for both rail and road transportation.

J.B. Rail Photog posted and shared
03/19/2021 - RJCC Z543-19 creeps across the Kentucky River through Frankfort, KY, northbound on the Old Road Subdivision. I don't usually take vertical pictures of trains but this one is framed in the bridge so I thought it worked.

J.B. Rail Photog posted and shared
08/24/2020 - RJCC Z544-24 comes off the Kentucky River Bridge which crosses the Kentucky River at Broadway in Frankfort, KY. The vehicle bridge to the right has been closed for years and hopes for saving it are slim for pedestrian usage. There's also an old searchlight signal which has been inoperable for years that CSX didn't remove to the right of the locomotive in the picture which I hear is coming down very soon.

This street view is deja vu for me, but I can't find any existing notes. I do hope this is not a duplicate.
Street View

C Hanchey Flickr

Broadway Bridge

Historic 1910 Broadway Bridge over the Kentucky River in downtown Frankfort. The bridge was the only pin-connected Baltimore truss highway bridge in Kentucky.

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