Monday, May 31, 2021

CN/WC Bridges over Echo Lake in Burlington, WI

(no Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

I can't believe that Bridge Hunter doesn't have this bridge considering they do smaller bridges such as overpasses. Maybe this is the railroad equivalent of an Ugly Concrete Eyesore Bridge (UCEB). Bridge Hunter doesn't seem to allow them on their web site. But a bridge further south identifies this route as CN.
Street View

So why am I doing a UCEB post? Because CN is replacing the spans.
Brian Cazel posted
Looks like CN is going to do some major bridge work, at Echo Lake, in downtown Burlington, Wisconsin. Not only is the very large crane in position, there's a lot of equipment in play just off to the right. 4-24-21.

It looks like steel girders are getting replaced with precast concrete girders. Or maybe the new spans have steel girders that are freshly painted grey. Note the new spans are prebuilt with everything, including handrails. 
Screenshot @ 1:35/1:42

At 1:05 the crane starts sounding a periodic alarm. Brian indicates it is a warning alert that indicates the crane is doing a movement other than lifting straight up. Kind of like the beeping we now here when a vehicle with poor visibility backs up. The movement is so slow that it is hard to detect. I think he is lifting his boom to shorten the radius to make swinging the span over to the staging area safer.

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