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One iron truss span: 1872 IC trestle, 1890s White Water Creek and 2007 Bergfeld Pond Bridges

1868 IC+CGW: (Bridge Hunter; FlickrSatellite, predecessor of the current 1899 bridge)
White Water Creek: (Bridge Hunter; HAERSatellite) Google Maps spells it Whitewater Creek

This is the bridge span in its current location in a Dubuque, IA, park.
This cast- and wrought-iron span has had an interesting history: it started as one of the seven 1872 spans that replaced a wood approach trestle for the 1868 IC bridge at Dubuque, IA. As the approach was filled, some of the spans were repurposed. This span was moved to become the Hempstead Road Bridge over the White Water Creek. When it was determined in the 1990's that it could no longer handle vehicular traffic, it was eventually restored and preserved as a fancy lawn ornament in Dubuque, IA. Thus these notes document three different bridges: IC Bridge over the Mississippi River, Hempstead Road over White Water Creek and a no-outlet trail over Bergfeld Pond in Dubuque, IA.

See "Related Bridges" in Bridge Hunter - 1868 IC+CGW for other bridges that were made with spans from the approach trestle when the trestle was converted to an embankment. Historic Bridges has notes for spans preserved as Cloie Branch Bridge in Iowa and Fairground Street Bridge in Vicksburg, MS.

1868 IC Bridge over the Mississippi River

Public Domain via Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges

Digitized by Google, p484 via Bridge Hunter

Bridge Hunter has three more historical photos of this bridge.

White Water Creek Bridge

Significance: This bridge is a remaining span of a seven-span approach bridge built in 1872 to serve a larger seven-span bridge built in 1868 over the Mississippi River at Dubuque. The larger bridge was the first to span the Mississippi at Dubuque, and was one of the earliest of all Mississippi River bridges. The superstructures of both the approach bridge and the river bridge were fabricated and erected by the Keystone Bridge Company [an Andrew Carnegie company], one of the most important and long-lived bridge companies of the nineteenth century. This span is one of the oldest iron trusses still in use in Iowa, and is the only Keystone truss known to be in use in the state. [HAER-data]

HAER IOWA,31-BERN.V,1- (sheet 2 of 5) - White Water Creek Bridge, Spanning White Water Creek, Bernard, Dubuque County, IA

HAER IOWA,31-BERN.V,1- (sheet 3 of 5) - White Water Creek Bridge, Spanning White Water Creek, Bernard, Dubuque County, IA

See Bridge Hunter - White Water Creek for copies of these 11 photos

Bergfeld Pond Bridge


I called this a lawn ornament because it doesn't connect anything and it is over a storm water retention pond. But it is attached to a trail so that you can go on it and see the details of the iron bridge. 
One of many photos taken by John Marvig in Bridge Hunter - Bergfeld Pond
[One of "Keystone's patented cast iron columns and ornamental connector blocks." It was removed from White Water Creek and stored on a farm in June, 1999. [CityOfDubuque]]
Comment in Bridge Hunter

Keystone Bridge Co. Booklet via Historic Bridges, p11

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