Tuesday, May 3, 2022

1973 Clarence Street (#21) Bridge over Welland Canal in Port

(Historic Bridges, a longer description; 3D Satellite)

This is one of several lift bridges on the Welland Canal.

Street View

1 of 10 photos posted by Bobby Dzz of the Viking Octantis going upbound on its maiden voyage on the Welland Canal.
Kenny Sheets: Where is this lyft bridge?

Dennis DeBruler replied to Kenny's question
Note the remnants of a lock from a previous canal channel. Counting the 1973 bypass channel, there have been five canals through here.

The 3D Satellite view also shows an abandoned railroad swing bridge over the old canal remnant. There used to be a second lift bridge to carry the railroad across the new channel.
Via HistoricBridges

The abandoned railroad swing bridge.
Street View

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