Monday, May 2, 2022

1973 East Main Street and Townline Tunnels under Welland Canal Bypass

East Main: (Satellite)
Townline: (Satellite)

I took a distant view of the portal in an effort to capture how they dug a canyon to go under the surface level canal. I guess that is why this is called a tunnel instead of an aqueduct.
Street View, East Portal of the East Main Street Tunnel

On the right side of the barrier in the center is a railroad.
Street View, West Portal of the Townline Tunnel

I learned about the location of these tunnels yesterday while doing more research on the Welland Canal. I knew that a road went under the Welland Canal because I have seen photos of ships going over the road. But I had not saved any of those photos. Then today I came across this photo. This definitely triggers the "twice in two days" rule. I know this ship is headed upbound so we are looking at the west portal. That is why I got the east portal with the above street view.
Bobby Dzz via Dennis DeBruler

Since these tunnels were built as part of the Welland By-Pass project, they could use the relatively simple cut-and-cover construction technique. [dbpedia]

A Google search offers some YouTube drive through videos. Or you can play with the street view links above to do virtual drive throughs.

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