Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CB&Q's Lunar Lights and Amtrak Trains on the Racetrack

Mark Hinsdale posted two pictures with the comment:
"Then and Now" in the Namesake Town...
For many, many decades now, the former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy main line, today known informally as the BNSF "Racetrack," has hosted a mid afternoon westbound passenger train out of Chicago, destined to California, by way of Denver. Here are two views of Amtrak's version of it, taken from very nearly the same spot in Hinsdale IL, 42 years apart. Both photos by Mark Hinsdale
Amtrak Train #5, "California Zephyr," 5-75
Amtrak Train #5, "California Zephyr," 4-17-17
1, Then

2, Now

A question was asked about the extra offset targets in the "then" photo. Since no one answered, I asked in the Racetrack group. I added a replied to the question:
Dennis DeBruler I posted this question to the Racetrack group and got the answer: "Jacob Metzger They were GRS or WRRS crossing lamps with a blue lens designed to show a restricting indication on a stop signal, I believe. They were taken out in favor of different signal rules by BN in the early 70's." In other words, they indicated if the Stop indication was absolute or restrictive. 

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