Thursday, May 11, 2017

MoW: Hi-Rail truck replacing signals

Because of the Positive Train Control federal law, we have seen a lot MoW activity replacing signals with new fiber optic controlled signals. (BNSF Feb. 2017 status) I see CSX is finally upgrading its signals.

Ron Petemski posted
Here is a national kind of on rails.
If the operator's intention was to avoid interfering with the other track by not extending the out riggers on that side, he did not avoid interference. Note that he did extend the out riggers on the side that had a smaller operating radius. I learned from the comments that he did a double no-no because he did not have his "rail dogs" on.
Mark Terry They are basically clamps that drop down from frame to rail. A person would have to break them or pull the rail up with the truck.

"Rail dogs" answers the question of how the old Big Hooks could lift loads to their side with such a small foot print of 4' 7.5".

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