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I-69+I-94 Blue Water Bridge over St. Clair River at Port Huron, MI

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges3D Satellite, Aerial View) It is also called the Blue Water Bridges.

HAER MICH,74-POHU,1A--7 from LoC, taken by Clayton B. Fraser, November 1994 for HAER
7. SOUTH SIDE OF MAIN SECTION OF BRIDGE. VIEW TO NORTHEAST. - Blue Water Bridge, Spanning St. Clair River at I-69, I-94, & Canadian Route 402, Port Huron, St. Clair County, MI

The first span has a cantilever design, and it was opened in October, 1938. The second span has a tied-arch design, and it was opened in 1997. The span is 871' with a clearance of 150' above the river. Each of the main piers for the original bridge consist of two 26' caissons sunk 95' below the water level to bedrock. [MDOT1]

The engineers wanted to build a cable-stayed bridge. But the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office and the public insisted on the arch design because its appearance complements the original bridge. [Historic Bridges]

Brian Caswell posted
Port Huron Michigan
[One of the comments noted that the bridges are empty. But offered no explanation.]
Roger Riblett shared
1 of 5 photos posted by Heidi Schmidt
Saginaw upbound for Meldrum Bay after departing from Sarnia in Port Huron, Michigan July 4th, 2022.
1 of 2 posted by Craig Hensley Photography
Another one of those forgotten moments I never posted. When we were in Port Huron camping we took a trip into downtown to check out the river and get lunch. As luck would have it the Michipicoten was sailing upstream to Lake Huron. Luckily I was able to get the drone up and caught her coming under the Blue Water Bridge, the water really speaks volume to the name.
Port Huron, MI - August 2022.

Paul R Murray posted
AMERICAN SPIRIT - Downbound Port Huron, Michigan 5-8-2017
Paul R Murray posted
ALGOMA ENTERPRISE - Upbound Port Huron, Michigan 5-8-2017

EPA, photo by Carol Y. Swinehart, from Bridge Hunter

Update: Dave Baker posted two photos with the comment: "Tugs, Duluth & Sarah B, givin' er heck under the Bluewater Bridges this afternoon. 5/15/17"

Paul R Murray posted
CUYAHOGA - Upbound Port Huron, Michigan 5-20-2017
[Upbound must mean upstream. In this case, northbound.]
Craig Ritche posted
I need a new desktop for my computer and this should do the trick. I shot this photo last spring, while passing downbound under the Bluewater Bridge at night on board the Lee A Tregurtha. Wonderful boat and an amazing crew ... thanks again to my kind hosts at Interlake Steamship.

Curt Danielewicz shared
James Deeds Currently CN, tries to have the regular 524 crew switch dunn’s 5 days a week. 524 duties are switching in tunnel yard, interchanging with the csxt. Rescue work. Also cabbing to Flint to bring a 504 type train east. Sometimes going down the mt.clemens, when 533’s Moterm duties are more in demand. 524 is pretty much an all purpose job in Port Huron. Regular crew works Sunday to Thursday, extra board crews fill job on fri/sat as needed.
Aric Betz posted
I know people have posted in the past about questions of how often Dunn Paper gets served in Port Huron. So, heads up to anyone in the PH area, they’re switching out Dunn right now.

Modjeski and Masters consulted with MDOT for "for the anchor link and gusset plate replacement on the first Blue Water Bridge"
CSengineering describing the above Blue Water Bridge work (source)

Two of the photos posted by Brian Caswell that was shared by Roger Riblett.


Sarter Marine Towing posted four photos without any comments. But I believe it is these bridges.



4, cropped
Fred Miller II posted
GEORGE W PERKINS, the future H C HIEMBECKER, at Port Huron, May, 1955, photo by Richard Duncan.

Jim Luke posted
Percival Roberts Jr. - down at Port Huron during the summer of 1965. Luke Collection

Richard Wicklund posted
At Port Huron the Irving S. Olds up bound under the Blue Water Bridge, August 22, 1981.
Gary Schweitzer: Near the end for her.

One of four photos posted by Fred Miller II
The ARTHUR M ANDERSON, down this afternoon, Sept 20, 2020, at Port Huron.
James A Kamensky: Yeah love that port Huron river camera.
[I find it fascinating that old ships with the bridge on the bow are still sailing in 2020. In fact, this 1952 ship had been tied up in Duluth until it was reactivated in 2019. [DeBruler]]
One of seven photos posted by Fred Miller II
Fan favorite ARTHUR M ANDERSON, down today at Port Huron, Oct 4, 2020.
[In less than two weeks it is making another trip through Port Huron. And this is a nice view of the main spans of the bridges.]

One of three photos posted by Fred Miller II
PRESQUE ISLE, with some nice bow wave action, down bound at Port Huron, Sept 27, 2020.

Richard Gebhart posted
Early construction stages of second span of Blue Water Bridge.

Stephen Betts posted
CSL Frontenac under the Bluewater bridge in Sarnia.
Dennis DeBruler: This angle does a good job of catching both arches.
1 of 3 photos and a video posted by Jeff Gushman
Mark W Barker with a salute for her first downbound passage at the Blue Water Bridge.
Pat Jehl posted

2:54 video @ 0:53 (source)
ALPENA - Upbound Port Huron, Michigan 12-10-2022

Clarence Vautier posted a photo from the bridge of the RADCLIFFE R. LATIMER, of which he is the skipper. [CarlzBoats]

Video of American Century Laker approaching and passing under.

Video of American Spirit going under the bridges.

4 photos of an upbound cruise ship going under the bridge at night

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