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EJ&E Waukegan Roundhouse and Coaling Tower

Lou Gerard posted
Waukegan roundhouse in 1973.
Charles Heraver Very nice photo. The roundhouse came down in 1985. And yes, as Frank DeVries mentioned, the round house is still there, although it is getting harder to see it with all of the over growth.
Edward Kwiatkowski shared
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railroad EMD SW 1 diesel switcher
locomotive # 244, at the Waukegan Illinois roundhouse.
July 31st 1966 Dennis Schmidt photograph.
Michael Buckley EJ&E always had good power , I would see them when they came in with a delv of cars to the Santa Fe Joliet yard. J delv a lot of cars to Santa Fe at Joliet lots of steel went west out of Joliet !
Sam Carlson posted
EJ&E VO-1000m at Waukegan, IL. Note the different variations in color on this single unit.
Rob Conway We had some really excellent times with that Baldwin!

Gary Sturm posted
An EJ&E SW-1 at a roundhouse. Location? I'm having a senior moment and can't remember. Photo taken in 1974.
Definitely Waukegan.
Was up there 6 months ago, the sand tower still stands outside where the roundhouse was.

Gary Sturm posted again
Gary Sprandel commented on Gary's second post

Dave Arganbright posted
656 sits at the old Waukegan roundhouse in October, 1980. My photo.

Kevin Piper posted
In this undated photo, we see the abandoned concrete roundhouse at Waukegan. A car crushing operation seems to be taking over the yard there. CHAD PETERSON PHOTO
Charles Heraver posted
One fine June 1985 afternon found us exploring the J's Waukegan round house.
Bob Tarlini Are you sure that’s Waukegan?? It kind of looks like the old section of the Joliet roundhouse.
Richard Schwanke Weren't all three of the main "J" round houses pretty much the same design?
Charles Heraver I can assure you this is Waukegan, as I lived there for about 40 years.
Al Pawloski I was in there once too and I saw a big rectangular slab of concrete on the floor and was standing on it wondering for a moment what it was there for.
Then I looked up at the ceiling and saw a matching section of the roof missing! I got out of there in a hurry.

Charles Heraver I believe that is why they leveled the place. FWIW the building is still there---the J never hauled away the rubble.

Mark Llanuza posted
Its May 1984 a view of the old round house along the lake front at Waukegan IL
Charles Heraver Diamond Scrap yard was served by the CNW. THe ATSF boxcar is at the car knocker's buliding.

Satellite, I made a copy of the satellite image because someday CN may clean up this mess.

The roundhouse was near the north end of the railyard.
USGS, 1960 Weukegan (sic), 1:24,000

Google Earth Apr 1993, the oldest image available

Ian Ermoian posted two photos with the comment:
Waukegan, IllinoisToday [8/19/2019] and 40 years agoThe first photo was taken yesterday, 8/19/19 The second photo was taken in December of 1979, and is not my photo.Credits to d.w.davidson of Flickr

Steve Kraus commented on Ian's post
My version of the sanding tower.

Brian Smith shared Bob Bruns Flickr Photo
EJ&E cab 149
From an old postcard view. Coll. of Bob Bruns
Dennis DeBruler Does anybody recognize which yard had that coaling tower?
Richard Schwanke Waukegan? Looks to be the lake in the background.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Richard's comment
Thanks. Now that I know where to look, the tower is consistent with the tall rectangular shape on the service leads in this 1939 aerial.

William Shapotking posted
A mystery photo -- This is a Robert A Janz photo (and a good one at that). Sadly, no date or location was indicated on the slide mount. Might anyone be able to help us out on the location (and possible time frame) of this photo? This image resides in the Collection of the C&NW HS Archives.
Mitch Markovitz I'm guessing Waukegan. There was no train order signal at 40th Street. Additionally all that blank area in the background is the lake.
Paul Meier Waukegan. Waukegan and Kenosha had identical coaling towers, background is not correct for Kenosha, and commute coaches laid over on the elevation in Kenosha.

Marty's Flickr photos:  Baldwin DT66-2000 center cab EJ&E 914 in front of the roundhouseBaldwin DT66-2000 center cab EJ&E 919 in front of the roundhouse (Marty notes that the turntable has been filled in by April 15, 1962.)

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