Wednesday, June 6, 2018

BNSF/CB&Q 1903 Bridge over Des Moines River near Keokuk, IA

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, John MarvigSatellite)


Marcus Espinoza@MarcusKHQA from KHQA
Street View
John Menges shared a news article. The article wasn't very informative, but some of the Facebook comments were.
Andrew Horras Train was headed south from Keokuk Iowa toward Alexandria MO. Blades were longer than normal and protruded out on the curve in Iowa that enters the bridge.

David JordanDavid and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Fans of the Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway. This train probably originated at Siemens' blade plant in Fort Madison.

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