Thursday, June 7, 2018

CN Railroad Trestle 2014-2016 near Mayerthorpe, AB

(Satellite image is below)

It is interesting how much the comments vary on how long it took to replace it.

Bastard rails posted
Joe Leftley This was caused by an arsonist. The young man that did it was the son of the fire chief in the area and he was a volunteer with the same fire department. He had dreams of contributing more by “discovering” a fire and putting it out.
Dennis Chornoluk They rebuilt it with steel in about 3 weeks. Shorter now. They extended the approaches with fill.
David W Brandenburg Line was out of service approximately 14 days (time it took to replace the bridge)
Joe Leftley This bridge was rebuilt in record time. CN took just 31 days to replace this trestle but sadly it is now a box girder bridge rather than a wooden trestle.
This will be an interesting test of how often Google updates their satellite image.
Satellite, copied June 2018

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