Monday, June 25, 2018

Fabyan Dutch Style Windmill

(3D Satellite)

Think of my shadow on the sign as a selfie. You can see my wide brim "farmer's hat" that I now have to remember to wear because I burned my bald head a little bit a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, the shadow does not make the text unreadable.

This is the view as you approach from the parking lot. I'm trying to capture that the land raises significantly between the Fox River to the left and the site of the windmill. Note the trees in the background that naturally grow in the area between IL-25 and the river. The Forest Preserve has removed them between the Fox River Trail and the windmill, and it maintains a lawn so that you have a good view from the trail.
20180624 2345

A more traditional straight on view. A mother is setting on a ledge posing for her family to take a picture. She helps provide scale as to how big this windmill is. I'm looking northeast.
 As I walked around the windmill, I took a shot of the side...
 ...and of the back.
I took this shot to show the "lawn" between the Fox River Trail down by the tree line and IL-25 at my back. This lawn allows you to spot the windmill as you drive down IL-25 as well as from the trail.
The shed to the west of the windmill houses some photo displays. I took an overview of the third display and then closeups of the three parts of that display. The first three displays caught the glare of the sky, but they are still readable. Depending on the pixel height of your monitor, you may have to save the images and view them with a photo viewer so that you can zoom and pan the image.

I need to do another trip so that this is one of the first destinations rather than one of the last ones so that I get there before 4pm.

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