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1904 CSX+Amtrak/Pere Marquette Bridge over St. Joseph River in St. Joseph, MI

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Steven J. Brown posted
Chesapeake and Ohio 614 is at Saint Joseph, Michigan - June 21, 1981 at 5:51am.
Street View
Jodi Smith Barnes posted three photos with the comment: "Historic Railroad Swing Bridge, St Joseph River, St Joseph, MI USA #mittenlove #puremichigan #awesomemitten #southwestmichigan #railroadswingbridge #stjosephmichigan @stjoetoday @pure_michigan_photography @purelakemichigan @puremichigan @puremittenpride @puremichiganders @puremittigan @awesomemitten @michiganawesome"



Brian Caswell posted
Another perspective as Q326 Rolls through St. Joseph Michigan on its way to Grand Rapids / April 2021
Roger Riblett shared

Joe Anstey posted, cropped
Swing bridge at the mouth of the St. Joseph river in St. Joseph, Michigan built in 1904 and still in use. It's always been my dream job to run it.

Michael Moran commented on Joe's post
I live and work in St. Joe, so I have more pictures. Here is the bridge open with an approach shown

Michael Moran commented on his commentBridge closed with Amtrak.

Michael Moran commented on his comment
Bridge open looking down the track. The bridge tender shack is now the blue building to the right of the tracks. The bridge tender is no longer stationed on the bridge. In 2007 (while on active duty in the Coast Guard) I was dispatched to this bridge to investigate an allision (vessel striking a stationary object) after a commercial freighter got caught in the current and hit the wooden fender system pretty hard.
It gave me an opportunity to climb all over the bridge and to take photos, but unfortunately I didn’t get to keep any of the photos as they were “evidence” in a report no one ever read.

TJ Cullerton commented on Michael's comment
I took these pictures of the bridge in between train movements in about '07. These are called Connelly Lifts and they connect the swing span rail to the land span rail. Certain limits have to met per FRA Rules in order to lock the bridge.

TJ Cullerton commented on Michael's commentHere's a view from "The Coop," that little grey building you see on the side of the bridge. As Mike mentioned earlier, the operator is no longer stationed in the coop and is in a blue signal bungalow located to the South (West) of the bridge.

TJ Cullerton commented on Joe's post

TJ Cullerton commented on Joe's postWestbound on #1 track to the main. BNSF power, view from the coop.

TJ Cullerton commented on Joe's post"Alpena" inbound to LaFarge dock.

TJ Cullerton commented on Joe's postIt's a tight fit! Need a shoe horn and some dish soap to get er in there. Watch those fenders, please.

TJ Cullerton commented on Joe's postAnother view from the flip side.

TJ Cullerton commented on Joe's postHere's part of the old switching system used to line trains. Normal movement was West off #1 track to the main and East on #2 track main.

TJ Cullerton posted
CG MP 87.63 The CSX RR Swing Bridge on the St. Joseph River in St. Joseph, MI. I took this years ago when I was a Bridge Tender.
Dave Mosier: Get paid to fish!! That's what I'd have done. 3rd trick best time to catfish.
TJ Cullerton: Dave Mosier - frowned upon. I will say that when that bridge spins, the fish go wild.

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