Monday, June 25, 2018

Historical 16th (Clark) Street Interlocking

The main posting for this interlocking describes how it looks since the river was straightened. I also have a posting of pictures I took. This posting describes what it looked like before the river was straightened.

David Daruszka posted two photos with the comment: "Before and after track elevation at 16th Street."
Bob Lalich David, if you look closely, the C&WI is already grade separated in the B&W photo.
Dennis DeBrulerGroup Admin Also nice views of the big, wooden grain elevators that lined the South Branch.


Bob Lalich commented on David's posting
Because this crossing was such an operating nightmare, it was one of the first grade separation projects in the Chicago area. Here is a drawing from Railroad Gazette in 1891 before separation and interlocking. At the time, the crossings were protected by flagmen. Imagine the arguments and tie-ups! And notice that the St Charles Air Line was a straight alignment as built.
David Daruszka posted
David commented on his posting
That ketchup bottle water tower shows up in a lot of pictures.
Bob Lalich That is a beer bottle from the Schoenhofen brewery.
David DaruszkaGroup Admin That's a lot better than ketchup.

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