Monday, April 19, 2021

1914 Eyebar Suspension Bridge over Muskingum River at Dresden, OH

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; HAERSatellite)

This bridge is an eyebar suspension bridge. Historic Bridges explains that, unlike the Silver Bridge that collapsed, this bridge uses a lot more eyebars in a bundle so that any one eyebar failing is not catastrophic. That is, unlike the Silver Bridge, this bridge uses the redundant design that was developed in England.

3. CLOSE PERSPECTIVE VIEW LOOKING SOUTHWEST - Dresden Suspension Bridge, Spanning Muskingum River on State Route 208, Dresden, Muskingum County, OH

Historic Bridges also explains the asymmetric design of the bridge. Specifically, the anchorage and abutment of the east end are separated. The cables are anchored on a nearby hillside and the east span is not suspended at all.
Street View

Street View

Historic Bridges also noted that the top chord is omitted at the center of the suspended span, which gives it a notched look.
Street View

The bridge was bypassed in 1988 by a UCEB (Ugly Concrete Eyesore Bridge). Thumbs up to ODOT for not tearing it down. Thumbs down to ODOT for not letting pedestrians on it.

(new window)  (source) Drone views start at 17:22.

This bridge replaced the first suspension bridge built in Ohio in 1852. The bridge was destroyed by a flood in 1913.

This view shows the "hillside anchorage" very well.

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