Sunday, April 4, 2021

1965 Meldahl Locks, Dam and 2016 105mw Hydropower on Ohio River


You can tell this area is a wilderness because every source about the dam gives a different town as the nearby town. And none of them ring a bell.

The nominal lift of the standard 1,200' and 600' locks is 30'. It has submergible and non-submergible ogee sill units for its 12 100' Tainter gates. The damming height is 35' above sills, and the clearance above maximum high water when fully raised is approximately 5'. [USACE]

"The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is projected to generate approximately 550 million kilo-watt hours (kWh) of clean, renewable energy annually."

Mike Spitzmiller posted three photos with the comment: "Snug as a bug in the Locks, Meldalhl Dam."
Madison Berry: It looks like the Queen of the Mississippi Riverboat she is not a real steamboat and the American cruise lines is the company.
Craig Dodson: Not an attractive boat.
Barb Anderson: Great memory of locking through Markland Dam on the Delta Queen on our way to Tall Stacks in the early 90s. Had great fun throwing Mardi Gras beads to the folks on the Dams observation deck.
Madison Berry: Barb Anderson don’t like the ACL for what thay did too the Delta Queen the Delta Queen can’t return for what thay did and it’s sad we can’t even have tall stacks cause of the ACL.



Mike Spitzmiller posted, cropped
Jim Noble: I worked there for 30 years 20 as Lockmaster.
I haven’t a clue why he would be crossway this close to the lock chambers with two down-bound tows ready to depart. Should of been an interesting radio conversation.
John Allred: There is a whiplash at the lower approach in high water that will turn you around if not aware of it!
[I wonder if the tow in the south lock is upbound and the foreground tow got caught by a current as it approached the lock's wall.]

Two of three photos posted by Mike Spitzmiller with the comment: "Heading into Meldahl along the Ohio."

One of three photos posted by Mike Spitzmiller

One of four photos posted by Mike Spitzmiller
[The downstream gates are opening for the towboat. I wonder why they are using the big lock for it. They are probably spilling water at the dam so using more water for the locking is not an issue.]

Mike Spitzmiller posted

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