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Williamstown-Marietta Bridges over Ohio River

1903: (Bridge Hunter; HAER)

This bridge is another example of cantilever bridges that are replaced in the 1990s are replaced with truss bridges whereas those replaced in the 2000s use cable-stayed bridges.

"The Williamstown-Marietta Bridge was the first highway bridge in the United States built in a cantilever fashion over an inland river." Because it was in such bad shape, it was closed to all traffic on July 17, 1985. [HAER-data] Note that the replacement wasn't available until 1992.

Boston Public Library Flickr via Bridge Hunter-1903, License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

4. View of main truss span, looking northwest, with Marietta proper in background - Williamstown-Marietta Bridge, Spanning Ohio River between Williamstown & Marietta, Williamstown, Wood County, WV

7. View of suspended truss, as seen from Ohio Street in Marietta, looking southwest

This illustrates why it is so important that cantilever bridges allow the bridge to be built over the navigation channel without any falsework. Note too many boats could pass through that falsework.
71. Falsework between piers 3 and 4 Photographer unknown, 1902

Back then, they did not use big cranes on barges like they do today, they used custom-built, travelling gantries.
72. Bridge under construction, showing truss work at piers 4 and 5 Photographer unknown, 1902

73. "Closing the Cap". Photographer unknown, 1903

Jeff Strahler, Jul 2018

William Reynold shared his post
She was hugging the bank I could have jumped on deck. Down bound under Williamstown bridge.
William Reynolds: She was trying to avoid the Marietta College Crew who were crossing the river to start up the Muskingum. Good move Capt.

Anonymous comment on Bridge Hunter-1992
[It appears C.J. Mahan redesigned their web site since this photo was accessed because I was not able to find any info concerning this project.]

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