Thursday, April 8, 2021

BNSF/CB&Q Hanging Bridge in Chicago, IL

(3D Satellite)

Dennis DeBruler commented on Robert's post (below)
Behind the "last train" is a structure that holds up the west side of the overpass because the tracks underneath are too dense for a pier. Aug 12, 2018
Mario Scaduto: Dennis DeBruler I remember using that east leg of the wye for head room when switching BNSF Western Ave yard. My thought was always how many tracks came together in just this small area, at different grades, and by a few different legacy RRs! So typical of an era when so many Class Is operated in Chicago.

Robert Jordan posted
8/9/2010, Last day for Central Illinois Railroad Lumber District, think this is where they come off ramp to go north to BNSF or?

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ha...clicked at the same time standing to the right of you!

UP/Denver & Rio Grande has a famous hanging bridge. I think it is neat that BNSF/CB&Q has one in Chicago. During a field trip to Chicago, I made a point to get some photos of it. In addition to the one above, here are some others that I took on that trip.

In this overview, I made a a point to include the two water towers and smokestack that still stand on the east side of the tracks. In the background we see Willis/Sears Tower.

When I went from the east side to the west side along 21st Street, I noticed this view. I stopped to take it to get another view of the two water towers and smokestack as well as the hanging bridge support and the "L" going over railroads. If somebody ever builds on this property, this view won't be available.

All of the photos I took in this area are here.

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  1. A massive fire at a furniture manufacturer on December 29th, 2012 caused that large open lot that your last photo was taken from:
    It also shut down Pink Line service as that ran immediately behind the engulfed building.