Wednesday, April 28, 2021

(CSX+IOCR)/C&O/HV Bridge over Scioto River in Columbus, OH

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The bridge viewed from the Lower Scioto Greenway on the north bank of the river.
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There was a grassy embankment accessible from the trail. This shows the V-lattice compression members quite well.

It is newer than pin-connected, but it does have rivets.

And concrete does require some tender loving care.

On my way back to my van on Neil Avenue, I encountered a well maintained NS/Pennsy overpass. Since those are rather rare, I took some photos.

The paint droppings are still rather fresh.

Since this CSX/C&O/Hocking Valley overpass over Goodale Blvd represents a more typical level of maintenance, why did I take photos of it? I took them because you can still see CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO painted on it. And decretive handrails. This bridge has not been painted since C&O bought Hocking Valley.

This post is what motivated me to find my Columbus bridge photos. I was on the north bank whereas Ben was on the south bank.
Three of the photos posted by Ben Armand.

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