Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Coaling Towers over the Mainline in the Middle of Nowhere

Flickr Group of coaling towers. Quite a few of the ones I looked at were of the DeKalb, IL tower.

Paul Bender posted:
I'm looking for background information about remainders of the (concrete) coaltowers straddling still operational mainlines.
- Why "there"
- How was the original layout
- and anything else you can point me to
Info is for a model lay-out. I hoping for info on the ones that where in more rural locations

Some links are in nscale.net.

Brian Layton has two pictures of big coaling towers in a collection he posted. Even if they are in yards, they are in yards, they are worthy of adding to this misc. collection. (If a thumbnail does not display, click the box because the big pictures still show.)

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