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Hook and Ladder Fire Trucks

Bill White >> Forgotten Chicago
Bill's comment: "FWD H&L #9." I shared the post to the group Rail & Highway Heavy Loads with the comment:
One of the original loads that needed extra technology to get around corners. It looks like the tillerman is standing up so that he can see exactly where the rear of the load is.
I found many of the comments to my posting in that group to be interesting:

Andrew Koetz Appears to be backing into the station?????

Dennis DeBruler That would explain why the tillerman is standing up to look backwards. I'm not an OSHA fanatic, but I would hate to see him stand like that at high speed around a corner.
Andrew Koetz My dad was involved with the STPFD (St. Paul, MN) for over 40 years.
Andrew Koetz I am not sure what station, but early 1950's, St. Paul, MN.
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Andrew Koetz Dad was also involved with a group that was a "fire buff" group that followed the local departments & their equipment that is new & coming on line & what they got rid of, or sold to other departments.
Dennis DeBruler Andrew Koetz I'm still trying to figure out how they raised it. I don't think they had powerful hydraulic rams back then. Also, I'm wondering if the ladder could telescope. It looks like the STPFD one might be able to.
Andrew Koetz I think they had hydraulics in the 50's......
Andrew Koetz The ladder trucks with the tillers had 100' ladders on them.
Andrew Koetz An aerial ladder from the same time period shot by an unknown STPFD photographer.
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Andrew Koetz STPFD was also still using wooden ladders at the time as well.
Dennis DeBruler Andrew Koetz The raised picture clearly shows a hydraulic ram and some hoses. Thanks.
Dennis DeBruler

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Tony Lazzara I saw those all the time in chicago they needed them to get down the side streets

Tony Lazzara Lots of 3 story Apts on side streets
Tony Lazzara I think the tractor is an FWD

Bill White >> Forgotten Chicago
CFD 1930s White 900 hook and ladder.
Glen Miller -> Original Chicago
Chicago Fire Dept, 1927 Mack AC Fire Truck. Hook and Ladder Company.
As a comment noted: hand crank for starting
Chris Slayer Burke posted a couple of pictures with the comment:
heard they're finally doing something with truck 47 firehouse on ridge. my grandfather Leo was a lt. here from 1945-1953(this was his rig). a great house. beautiful inside. glad that both my brother and I got to work there on details on several occasions. cb
Jeffrey Janusch provided a link describing the renovation.


David M Laz posted
The old hook and ladder fire truck 1950, with the driver called the tiller on the back of the ladder truck

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