Saturday, November 21, 2015

Erie Street Bridge

(Bridge Hunter, I could not find an entry in Historic Bridges)

This photo illustrates that rather large ships used to go up the North Branch of the Chicago River. This was when there was still heavy industry on and around Goose Island. The year of the photo is also the year it was built --- 1910.

Jeff Nichols -> Forgotten Chicago
Jeff's comment:
Erie Street Bridge, 1910. Chicago History Museum, DN-0008116. Even though the writing on the photo is reversed, the image is not.
Vidctor StLawrence commented: " I believe that this bridge was removed in 1971-72"

You can still see the bridge abutments.


I had labeled this a rolling bridge. But I don't know why. It looks like a trunnion bridge. And by 1910 Chicago had switched to trunnion bridges. Forgotten Chicago confirms that it was a trunnion bridge and that it was removed in 1971. I have changed the label to bridgeTrunnion.

Update: Similar to the Grand Avenue Bridge, Erie had a viaduct over the C&NW train yards.
Xavier Quintana posted
A 1958 view of Wolf Point with the Lake Street elevated train and bridge in foreground. Kinzie Street bridge is in the middle of the frame. (Vintage Tribune)
[Erie was the second viaduct over the C&NW Yards.]

1938 aerial view from ILHAP

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