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NS/NYC Bridge over Maumee River, Toledo, OH

Dan Nelson -> Toledo Area Railfans, used with permission
(Historic Bridges, I could not find an entry in Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

Norfolk Southern got this NYC route when Conrail was split between NS and CSX. It is on the NYC "water level route" from New York to Chicago. According to Toledo Yards from Rail Fan Guides, 90 to 105 NS trains and 4 Amtrak trains use this per day. The navigation channel can accommodate Seaway boats at full draft.
Dan Nelson -> Toledo Area Railfans, used with permission

Nathan Holth or Rick McOmber has an upstream elevation photo that is well worth a mouse click (or finger tap).
Brian Szemon posted
NS 16G with one of their heritage units leading across the Maumee River swing bridge on the Chicago line in Toledo.

C. Hanchey, CC BY-NC 2.0
from Historic Bridges from Flickr
C. Hanchey, CC BY-NC 2.0from Flickr
Dan Nelson -> Toledo Area Railfans
Dan's comment: "The bigger picture of what went down," I'm not sure what he meant, but it is a clear shot of the ADM elevator as well.

Dan Nelson -> Toledo Area Railfans
Dan's comment: "Caught a train on the bridge." I like that he caught the two tugboats that help the ships through the bridges and into their dock.
Ken Clark -> Toledo Area Railfans
Ken added this photo as a comment to the "caught a train" posting. I replied that I was appreciated the boat and grain elevator as well.

Update: Michael Harding has a Flickr photo of a couple of NS heritage units coming off the bridge. It has another big boat sitting at Andersons River Elevator in the background.
Nick Dombi shared
Dave Madison Collection, 1949
Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Two Norfolk Southern intermodal trains pass at the Maumee River bridge in Toledo, Ohio. Eastbound on Main 2, train 206 (led by GE ES40DC #7538) originated at Chicago's 47th Street intermodal yard and is destined for the Bison intermodal ramp in Buffalo, New York. Norfolk Southern has 1,150 bridges in the Buckeye State. ‪#‎RNCinCLE‬

J.r. Vickstrom Swing bridge. Built 1903. She's a tough ole girl. I'm the relief operator on thus very bridge.
James Holloway posted
Dont know where Will Chewning gave me this photo I think out east.
Henry Freeman That engine was rebuilt from the President Adams in 1946 to run on the B&O's rebuilt heavyweight, streamlined train The Cincinnatian, which originally ran from Baltimore to Cincinnati. In 1950, the train was reassigned and ran between Cincinnati and Detroit. Would there have been a Great Lakes Terminal Warehouse in Detroit?
Matthew S. Smith Yes that is a southbound (train for the B&O, heading for Deshler, via Rossford Yard) crossing the Maumee River on the NYC headed east (physical direction). Train just left Toledo Union station. Shot from Miami St.
Matthew S. Smith commented on the above posting
Not quite the same angle (hard to get with it all grown up now), but same spot.NS 64A light power crossing the Maumee River.
Hugh Simpson posted
Spent many a third shift talking to operator while a signal maintainer in Toledo, what fun.
Mark Hinsdale posted
Penn Central has a year and two days of existence left as a trio of units bring a mixed manifest train across the Maumee River swing bridge at Toledo OH on a sunny March 29, 1975. Photo by Mark Hinsdale
Doug Hefty Maybe it's an optical illusion, but the stick rail looks almost kinked instead of bent!
Troy Strane Some of Gulash's films from this era show some incredibly poor track conditions around Toledo back then. When the old auto racks are about to throw the top row of new cars onto their sides it's time to call in the tamper.
Mark Hinsdale Yep. And this was the main! Can you imagine the secondary tracks?
Michael Schwiebert And the NYC side was generally "better" than the PRR side - at least in western Ohio.

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