Monday, November 23, 2015

Pullman Works Transfer Table

(Update: the factory in general)

Pullman erecting shops ca 1885
There were quite a view comments associated with this posting as to the function of the little car. The consensus was Richard Fiedler's suggestion: "Ornate shelter for the transfer table operator."

I've read that the shops had 22 miles of track on their property that was switched by their own engines. The green rectangle in the overview aerial photo below indicates where one of their roundhouses was located.

Paul Petraitis comment
At first, I thought the shops had two transfer tables at 90-degrees to each other because of all those wheels on the left in this picture. But now I believe those are just car trucks stored on sidings. Below is a partial resolution aerial photo to provide some context. The red rectangle indicates the excerpt below at full resolution. You can see the transfer table tracks go in an east/west direction between the buildings. I spent some time looking for the Sanborn Map, but I still haven't found which volume they are in.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

The red rectangle area

Paul Petraitis posted
Update: Paul's comment:
Pullman Factory 1890, from a 5x7 glass negative I printed up when I worked at the Chicago Historical Society 1970-86.
Paul Petraitis posted
Pullman factory
David Daruszka Transfer table.

David Daruszka commented on Chuck's posting
It appears there was more than one transfer table in the factory because this one does not have an operators cab. Maybe it is simply pushed by some workers.
David Daruszka commented on Chuck's posting

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