Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hennepin Canal Lock #19 near Wyanet, IL


I can't believe that no street-view driver has gone south of US-34 on Wyanet-Walnut Road.

Craig Willett posted
East of the Q overhead at Wyanet, IL along the canal...1966.

Craig was taking a picture of the train, but I I'm glad he framed the photo to include the  Hennepin Canal lock. Writing about that canal has been on my "todo" list for at least a year.

The train is eastbound.

This lock is between Lock #20 and #18, so I concluded that it is lock #19.

The comments in the posting talk about adding a connection in the northwest quadrant between the IAIS/Rock Island and the BNSF/CB&Q tracks. This would allow Amtrak service between the Quad Cities and Chicago to use the high-speed CB&Q route that is already used by other Amtrak trains.

The railroad in the photo is the IAIS/Rock Island. I see it goes under the CB&Q just west of here.
1923 Buda Quad @ 62,500

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