Friday, December 23, 2016

1910-11 Photo of Chicago

This photo is so neat that I decided it is worth its own posting.

Chicago & North Western Historical Society posting
This looks to be a photo of Chicago looking southeast from about 1910-1911. It is a railroad photo since we can see in the lower left of the photo the tracks of the C&NW which served the system's Chicago freight transfer house on the far lower left and the warehouse on what is called "Wolf's Point." Note that there is no "Wacker Drive" to be seen. Note also in the very center of the photo one can see the temple like building which is the City Hall/County Building. The photo was taken by the Alvina Lenke/Wesley Bowman Studio.
Also note that all of the bridges are still swing bridges. And there not only is a black haze in parts of the sky, some of the buildings are really black. There is a reason why the 1915 Smoke Abatement Report recommended replacing steam locomotives with electric locomotives in the metro area.

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