Sunday, December 11, 2016

Aban/PC/NYC/CI&S/II&I approach trestle to Illinois River

Jack Wayley shared
Early 1900 real photo postcard .... The bridge across the river being built .... By Howe
Ken Hejl This is the bridge over the slough, just north of the river bridge. No sides. Look straight down to the water out the locomotive window. Scary for a young kid.Roger Spayer The concrete supports are still there.
Aban/PennCentral/Chicago, Indiana & Southern/Indiana, Illinois & Iowa northern approach to their bridge over the Illinois River. Note how they built a temporary wood trestle the for the equipment needed to build the permanent trestle.

Howe was the junction of this railroad and the CSX+IAIS/Rock Island just north of the river.

Both Google and Bing images are too tree covered to clearly see the concrete piers. But, because of the shape, I wonder if this is a pier instead of a rock.

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