Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NS/NYC/Big4 (Egyptian) over ?/Conrail/Penn (Panhandle)

This is a comment by Wayne Hudak on one of his postings
The posting is about railfanning experience and the odds something might hurt you if you are standing too close to the train. But it is this example of "off road" railfanning that caught my eye.

The bridge carries the Egyptian line over a remnant of the Panhandle. When I studied satellite images to find this bridge I was surprised that it is still a truss bridge. (There is another bridge just north of this one that goes over the CN/EJ&E, but it is steel girder. Furthermore, Wayne confirmed the picture is of the Panhandle crossing.)

Birds-Eye View
Another surprise is that the Panhandle RoW still has track even though it was abandoned by Conrail. The SPV Map shows this stretch as abandoned. This stretch is long enough to make a connection at Hartsdale Junction on the north and with an industrail spur on the south. That industrial spur goes to a small yard on the east side of Midwest Pipe Coating. The industrial spur also connects to the CN/EJ&E on its north side.

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