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US-51/60/62 over Ohio River in Cairo, IL

20161126 6760rc, South (Kentucky) Portal
(Bridge Hunter, Historic BridgesSatellite)

I was shocked to read in Historic Bridges that Kentucky wants to destroy this bridge. First of all, the traffic is on I-57, not these US highways. The traffic on this bridge was light when I spent some time in the area. A streetview also shows light traffic. I think a third lane is needed on I-65 between Indianapolis and the Chicago area long before four lanes are needed here. If four lanes are deemed necessary, then I would like to agree with Historic Bridges --- build another two-lane bridge. However, the current bridge is not expected to survive a New Madrid earthquake. The largest span is 800'. [US51bridge-overview]
Upstream Elevation

20200219 1393
Downstream elevations viewed from the Fort Jefferson Hill Park and Memorial Cross


[One advantage of bridge replacements is that the some DOTs take some nice photos of the current bridge.]

One of several photos posted about Cairo, IL by AARoads


Input sought on replacing Cairo Bridge

US51bridge-home and US51birdge-media, cropped

A 2014 Alternative Selection Report evaluated potential locations for a replacement bridge across the Ohio River in this area and recommended a 2000ft corridor upstream of the existing US 51 bridge as the preferred location for the crossing. If the US 51 Bridge were not available for local traffic, the detour trip between Wickliffe, KY and Cairo, IL increases from 7 miles to 80+ miles per direction. Adding approximately 70 miles per direction to trips between Illinois and Kentucky would be a hardship to area residents.

Casey Dikkers posted
I've been doing photography for a few years now. I live in Springfield but I travel all over the state for little photo-trips when I can. This is the Ohio River Bridge at Cairo, IL.

Since Kentucky plans to replace, rather than augment this bridge, my wife's "bad" photos of high river levels become good photos of the bridge's truss members.

It is interesting that some members are lattice while others are box.

Is this 2021 Google Maps satellite image from the 2019 floods?

I was looking at the satellite map to determine if this photo was taken by this bridge or the bridge over the Mississippi. Since this bridge is the one that makes the transition from a through truss to a deck truss on a pier in the water, I think the photo is of the two southern towers of this bridge. The photos shows that this area is an important fleeting area. The have to rebuild the huge tows from the lower Mississippi into the small 15-barge tows that can fit through the locks of the Ohio River. Also note that the Ohio River is significantly wider than the Mississippi River where they join. I have a friend who was raised in Evansville, IN, that always thought it should have been the Lower Ohio instead of the Lower Mississippi. I first noticed the widths when I saw this bridge has four towers but the Mississippi bridge has only two towers.
One of seven photos posted by Kenny Shaver
Droppin swappin and hurry up and waitin. Cairo

Confluence of America Mississippi River & Ohio River posted
The US51 Ohio River "CairoIL" Bridge while it was under construction in 1935 and 1936.

Barnes Marine shared
Barnes Marine shared
[Several political comments concerning the downfall of Cairo.]

Vicki Turnbow Prater commented on Barnes' share
I love taking pics of the bridges we go under!

W.D. Pursell posted
Bird's eye view of the confluence of the Ohio & Mississippi Rivers
[This bridge is on the right. The Muddy Mississippi is indeed muddy.]
Brian Klawitter: In late Jan/Feb the Mississippi cleans up so well a person can see up to 20'. Ground is frozen, no run off, no tow traffic ect.

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