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EJ&E Waukegan Freight House and Railyard

Freight house: (Satellite, best guess based on a 1961 aerial. The parking lot was part of what looked like a rail yard.)
Yard: (Satellite, the brown strip along the lakefront)

EJ&E was owned by US Steel and it connected all of its properties in the Chicagoland area including the wire product works in Waukegan. Since that plant was abandoned in 1979, EJ&E has been abandoning the area. Also, Waukegan wants the lakefront property. So this yard is now gone.

Freight House

The silos as well as the freight house motivated this posting. Given that the newer ones in the middle are owned by Lafarge North American, I'd bet they hold cement, not grain.
Sam Carlson posted
EJ&E Freight House in Waukegan in March, 1974. We're looking northeast.
Pershing Road was added since 1939.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP


Mark Llanuza posted
Its Nov 1974 were at EJ&E Waukegan's yard with SD-9 leading center cab's.

Sam Carlson posted
37 years ago today [Jan 17, 1982], at dawn in Waukegan, IL.
Felton Sam Turner I was down that way last week and the Canadian national Railway guys were down there taking up switch tracks and putting in straight tracks - I miss the EJ&E when I was a kid crossing the road to the cement factory by the dock where the big Sam Laud ship would dock that made one hell of a picture back in 1975 , if I would of had a camera

The roundhouse was at the north end of the yard.
USGS, 1960 Weukegan (sic), 1:24,000
The US Steel Works was at the south end of the yard.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

CN had filed with the Surface Transportation Board to abandon their EJ&E route into Waukegan. Waukegan wanted to improve the lakefront area. But CN has abandoned the abandonment. (source) I wonder if the power plant plans to continue burning coal and CN wants the option to get the coal train business. As of 2019, the satellite image shows an actively maintained coal storage pile.

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