Monday, November 6, 2017

KCS Huey P Long Bridge (BR) over the Mississippi at Baton Rouge, LA

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, John A Weeks IIISatellite)

There is a second Huey P Long Bridge near New Orleans.

Huey P. Long Bridge (Baton Rouge) over the Mississippi River from northwest, as seen from the west bank. Taken by me, User:Christopherlin, 2006-04-01.    CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Bruce Linton shared

safe_image for KCS No. 84 - LOBDELL, LA - JUL 1982 - TOM BLACKWELL image

Gary McMills posted three photos with the comment: "US 190 railroad/highway bridge in Baton Rouge ,La. Crosses the Mississippi River.12-14-18. My photos."



Mariano Derige posted
KCS 4851 and KCS 4836 with the New Orleans PTC test car crossing the Mississippi River on the New Orleans sub 2017.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Mariano Derige

Bob Currie posted six photos with the comment:
As engineer on the MP River Job, I ran across the Mississippi River bridge at Baton Rouge delivering interchange trains to and pulling trains from the ICG. We ran from the TP yard at Addis, down the Avoyelles Sub to Anchorage, hit the L&A at Lobdell Jct, ran across the bridge, took a sharp right at the east base of the bridge back onto MP track, then hit the ICG and ran a couple of miles to their Baton Rouge Yard. We always had 100-175 cars in our train. We often pulled 2 trains from the ICG yard a day (one regular interchange train and one grain train). So, 4 trips across the bridge in one day was not unusual.






Both bridges at Baton Rouge are still truss bridges, but this one has four towers and the I-10 bridge has only two so it was easy to identify the bridge in this photo as the Huey Long Bridge.
Drew Lawrence posted
Northbound upper Baton Rouge bridge

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