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1855+1913 CSX/(B&O+Erie) Bridges over Great Miami River and Viaduct in Hamilton, OH

1855: (Bridge Hunter, lost in 1913 flood)
1913: (Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges3D Satellite)

Normally, I would pass on yet another railroad truss bridge. But the stone arch approach on the west side of this bridge makes it noteworthy.

3D Satellite

Bryan Rice posted
CSX M360-02 starts the climb westbound out of Hamilton, Ohio Oct. 2 2022.

Street View

Arch Street is such an appropriate name for this street.
Street View, Jul 2017

Street  View, Jul 2013

Postcard via BridgeHunter-1855
"looking south, stone arches on right in use today"
Postcard History Series of Butler County via gettothebc
The viaduct is 665' long and has 17 arches. The engineer, John S. Earhart, decided the best way to climb the steep Rossville Hill was to stay out of the valley and avoid part of the climb. He went on to become the chief engineer of the Miami-Erie Canal.

Postcard via BridgeHunter-1855

Bryan Rice posted
CSX M361 at Hamilton, Ohio coming off the Indy sub heading for Cincinnati, Ohio.

At first, I was surprised to see a CSX train on a B&O route. I thought that CSX had abandoned most of the B&O route from St. Louis to the East. After studying some maps, this is not part of that route. This is a route between Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Furthermore, it was shared with the Erie railroad.

Darrel Land posted
CSXT 5109 / G 041 Emt Grainer At Hamilton , Ohio Westbound Climbing the hill out of Hamilton.

The church in the upper-left corner confirms that this bridge is the subject of Darrel's photo.
3D Satellite

Darrell Land posted
CSX L 425 / CSXT 4052 At Hamilton , Ohio Westbound over the Great Miami River climbing the hill out of town 02 / 01 /2023 , Stick season , No Green yet

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