Sunday, November 6, 2022

1902+1940 Highland Park Bridges over Allegheny River at Pittsburgh-Sharpsburg, PA

1902: (pghbridges; Satellite, it was at Baker St. The island has moved downstream.) 
1940: (Bridge HunterHistoric Bridges; pghbridges; B&T; Satellite)

B&T has an extensive history of these bridges.

Historic Bridges
"This is an extremely unusual cantilever bridge because it is composed of many cantilever spans, with each span being very short for the cantilever type of bridge."
1928 photo, view downstream
Note that it crossed the downstream end of Six Mile Island.

The topo shows the old location of the island. Now Baker Street is across from the upstream end of the island. (You can use the railroad bridge as a fixed point between 1902 and 2022.)
1907 Pittsburgh Quad @ 62,500

Bridges & Tunnels posted
"It was the county’s second longest at 6,350 feet in length, the first steel bridge in the county to be painted green, and the world’s first to provide a concrete dividing strip as a safety precaution to keep alternate flows of traffic separated."

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