Friday, November 25, 2022

Cimarron Valley Railroad/Santa Fe Trestle over Cimarron River near Satanta, KS

(no Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

I found this bridge on the satellite by tracing the Cimarron River upstream from The Samson of the Cimarron. Since there was no water in the river, it was a bit of a challenge to follow the river on the satellite.

Richard Orth posted
‎‎April , ‎2011, The Cimarron Valley Railroad bridge over the Cimarron River got caught up in a wild fire. The bridge is few miles west of Satanta ks, and was quickly replaced.
The replacing of the bridge. Won't burn this time.

1975 Ryus Quadrangle @ 1:24,000

Five photos from American Concrete Products (amconco).  By using "precast/prestressed concrete bridge products" from this company, the railroad was able to rebuild the 900' bridge in  nine months, which was ahead of schedule.






The designer of the bridge was BNSF [amconco-CVRbridge] using the products of precast pier caps and...
These components are installed under traffic without disturbing the train schedule. Steel piling is driven into the ground through the existing structure and cut off to the exact height so the caps and abutments can be welded in place."

...prestressed girders.
"These girders are installed on the precast caps during a specified ‘change out’ window. This window is an exact time frame where the existing bridge is removed and replaced with the new concrete. The time to change out the bridge completely is normally less than 16 hours. The train traffic is back to normal speed as soon as the change out is complete. This is the key to the system. Minimal loss of track time equals little loss of revenue for the railroad."
[In this case they did not have to worry about maintaining traffic over the existing bridge.]

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