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1916,1971,1992 Hanover Street Bridge over Patapsco River in Baltimore, MD

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; Satellite)

It is a Rall bascule bridge. [BridgeHunter]

I normally don't bother to use a label for the approach spans. I generally just label the type of main span. But Historic Bridges explains that the approach spans are cantilever spans shaped like an arch. So not only is the Rall span rare, so are the approach spans.

LC-DIG-highsm-14365, cropped
Credit line: West Virginia Collection within the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.
Carol M. Highsmith's photographs are in the public domain.

 BaltimoreBrew via BridgeHunter description
"For many years, commuters have complained about poor driving conditions on the bridge, from uneven surfaces to potholes to spalling concrete. The city typically spends more than $500,000 a year for maintenance....The cost of a replacement bridge has been estimated at $100 million to $150 million, while repairs could be considerably less." The study of what to do with the bridge will cost $1.8m.
[The article was Dec 2015. So I did some Googling to try to find a conclusion. In Jun 2018 the recommendation was a $50m renovation. As of Mar 2020 they are still looking for funding and planning to get Coast Guard permission to permanently close the movable span. "Approximately 37,500 vehicles, including 2,500 trucks, use the bridge each day." The estimate for a new bridge was up to $195m to $245m. [SouthBmore]
"The neighborhoods south of the bridge are largely low-income, suffer from high unemployment, and experience other quality of life issues. Establishing improved transit, pedestrian, and bicycle linkages to the economic opportunities, services, education, food options, health providers, and other amenities in the downtown area would greatly help to improve these conditions. The Plan will form the ladders of opportunity to residents of South Baltimore communities – improving multimodal access and connectivity to employment, educational, recreational, and transportation alternatives. The Plan will ensure that smart reinvestment and rehabilitation of our transportation infrastructure will bring growth and attract investments to the area. To view the Hanover Street Corridor Study TIGER VI." [BaltimoreCity]]
Jonathan Konopka posted
This is the Hanover Street Bridge in Baltimore, MD. It is a bascule bridge that was built in 1916 and carries Hanover Street over the Patapsco River.
rare shot of bridge opened
Shawn Seidel via Pinterest
The Hanover Street Bridge, now known as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge, was the largest reinforced-concrete bridge in the state. Its thirty-eight spans reach 2,290 feet across the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River in Baltimore’s Outer Harbor. | Designed by the former John E. Greiner | The four concrete towers, positioned at the corners of the steel draw span, give the bridge a classical symmetry.

Bridges Now and Then posted
An undated postcard of Baltimore, Maryland's, Hanover Street Bridge. 

History via BridgeHunter and HistoricBridges, p23

1916 construction, Baltimore Sun archive photo, reposted on Facebook via BridgeHunter

Article via HistoricBridges
[1916 is old enough that reinforced concrete spans were still being invented. Specifically, the reinforcement is trusses rather than rebar.]

Street View

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