Monday, November 28, 2022

London's New Elizabeth or Crossrail Line

The line opens May 24, 2022. But ridership has not recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic.

safe_image for Elizabeth line: How the 'perfect' project became a nightmare
Management continued to insist that it would open in Dec 2018. The tunneling was on time, but the stations and the interworking of the signaling systems were a bad joke.

Management did not admit there would be delays until just three months before the planned 2018 opening ceremony. [standard]

This was published in Dec 2017.
"A new Tube map has been released featuring the Elizabeth Line in anticipation of its opening in 2018. The Crossrail"
Work broke ground in 2009 with eight new tunneling machines. It runs for 60 miles through 41 stations.

Are the three signaling systems still not talking to each other? "The line will initially operate in three sections — the western section between Reading, Heathrow and Paddington, the central section between Paddington and Abbey Wood, and the eastern section between Liverpool Street and Shenfield." Through service is not expected until May 2023. And only the central section is opening May 24. The other sections are expected to open in the Fall. It cost 20 billion pounds. The original cost was 14.6 billion pounds. [standard]

I remember a TV show about the construction of this subway. It was a big challenge to thread another tunnel under London. One of the challenges was the "eye of the needle." 
"The 900-tonne tunnel-boring machine has had to pass through a space where 30cm above it was a live escalator and 85 cm underneath was the active Northern Line.'

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