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1900-1978,1994 511' Sharps Tunnel for Greenbrier River Trail/C&O near Harter, WV

(Bridge Hunter; B&T; Satellite)

"Opened by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway on December 25, 1900, and closed to rail traffic on December 29, 1978. It reopened as the Greenbrier River Trail in 1994." In addition to pedestrians, cyclists and cross-country skiers, this trail can be used by horseback riders and authorized landowners. [BridgeHunter]

The trail is 78 miles long. [wvtourism]

The south end is through solid rock.
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Nestled in Pocahontas County, West Virginia is Sharps Tunnel along the former Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Greenbrier Division. Finished in December 1900, the 511-foot-long tunnel was part of the Greenbrier Division's extension to Cass from Marlinton. It remained in use by the railroad until 1978 when the line was abandoned. The former right-of-way was reopened for the multi-modal Greenbrier River Trail in 1994.
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The north end needed shoring.
Photo by Sherman Cahal via BridgeHunter

Cass is in the upper-right corner and Marlinton is in the lower-left corner. 
1925 Marlinton & Mingo and 1924 Cass Quads @ 62,500

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