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1908 CN/GTP Swing Bridge in Thunder Bay, ON

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Kaministiquia River Swing Bridge (Thunder Bay, Ontario)
Historic combined railroad and highway swing bridge over the Kaministiquia River in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Also known as the James Street Swing Bridge. The bridge was built by the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) in 1909. It is now owned by the Canadian National Railway (CNR). The bridge was damaged in 2013 and has been closed to vehicular traffic since. [After a bunch of litigation, it opened again in 2019.]
The Kaministiquia River Swing Bridge is listed on the Ontario Heritage Bridge List.

Street View
This 1908 bridge was built by the Grand Trunk Pacific (GTP), and it is now owned by CN. The 530' long bridge is 30' high. It last opened in 2007 or 2008.
[This web page has several more images of the bridge.]

9:20 video about the swing bridge via padwrr 0:55
"Originally, when the bridge was first opened, it was operated by a hand crank." [4:20]

The truss members use an interesting mix of lattice and plate fabrication techniques. And the members are connected with gussets instead of pins.
Street View

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[In the foreground is the 1905 James Whalen steam-driven museum tugboat.]

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