Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fort Wayne, IN

This posting is basically a place holder for now to provide a reference for the  PFW&C railroad posting.

Fort Wayne, IN was a target of railroad builders because it was an established town by the 1850s. A fortified trading post was built in 1704. The first US Army fort was occupied in 1794. (Wikipedia) The third, and last, was completed in 1816 (OldFortWayne).

In 1832 the Wabash & Erie Canal was started in Fort Wayne, IN, which was already connected to Toledo, OH, and Lake Erie by river Maumee River. By 1843 it was completed to Lafayette, IN, the head of steamboat navigation on the Wabash. It was extended to Terre Haute by 1848 and Evansville by 1853. And a canal was built from Fort Wayne to Toledo so that canal boats could travel the entire 497 miles from Lake Erie to the Ohio River. It was the longest canal built in North America. (Wikipedia)


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