Monday, January 26, 2015

Trash Containers

This photo was from the mixed freight train I saw Jan 15. I learned from Ramon Rhodes in the "BNSF Historical and Modeling Society" Facebook group that these 20-foot containers are for hauling solid municipal waste and coal plant residual fly ash. Unfortunately, I had a brain burp, and I did not cross over to the sunny side to take pictures of the freight. But the dark sides are still readable.
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Update: I noticed another "trash car" in my picture of the Frankfort, IN, coaling tower.

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Photo by Ramon Rhodes, used with permission
Ramon posted that BNSF runs a double-stack trash train out of Seattle Washington on a daily basis. He explains: "The trash containers are more ruggedly built than standard shipping containers of similar lengths. They also have soft roll-back tops."
Photo from Mike Matalis, used with permission
Update: while looking through Mike's blog for pictures of removing the old signal equipment at Forest Avenue, I came across this photo of a lot of trash cars running eastbound on the BNSF/CB&Q "Racetrack."
Jerry M Murphy posted
Jerry's comment:
This is for anyone that had to switch these damn things!! For Freight Car Friday, I give you trash containers on spine cars on the RF&P at Doswell, VA. They smell horrible, and, after raining, and you are switching these, don't, under any circumstances, stand anywhere near them when you are coupling them!! It doesn't matter how easy you try, they shaking throws that pooled up water in the tarps out, and all over the place, YUCK!!

William Frederick added "Baltimore had the "poo poo choo choo". That was a real prize to shift."

20150510 1316
Jeffery Boan posted
Trash Containers Trans Load Gets For Midwest Waste

John Menges posted
I caught this Waste Management car going westbound at the Yount St. crossing a few days ago. UP has been interchanging them for a month or so with TP&W. I wonder what they are carrying?
David Jordan John Menges Kevan Davis These come out of the Lehigh Hanson cement plant at Clymers, Indiana. Containers are believed to contain kiln dust. Destination unknown but I'd guess either Oklahoma or Texas.
Waste Management hauls enough trash from Brooklyn to Queens that they bought a new Tier 4 locomotive with a slug. Their Varick Avenue Yard has a lot of trash cars.

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