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Transloading Coal and Grain to Barges (Mt. Vernon, IN)

While researching coal mining in Kentucky, I came across a coal transloading facility.

Alliance Resource Partners
The caption for the picture on the Alliance Resource Partners page is:
The Mt. Vernon Transfer Terminal is a coal-loading terminal on the Ohio River at Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Coal is delivered to Mt. Vernon by both rail and truck. The terminal has a capacity of 8 million tons per year with existing ground storage. Mt. Vernon is capable of receiving and unloading 105-car unit trains of coal via EVWR (with direct connections to the majority of Class I railroads) that can transfer to ground storage and/or direct to barge(s). 

An overview satellite image shows the loop of track that is used to receive and unload unit trains. Zooming into the loading dock confirms this is the facility in the above photo.



The terminal on the left is a cement terminal.

While studying smoke plumes, I discovered another coal transloading facility upstream from the Mt. Vernon facility. You can tell it has been constructed rather recently because none of the map sites I have gone to show the railroad tracks in the road map view. And Bing's satellite shows it still being constructed. As usual, the Google map is more up to date and shows the completed facility.
Joseph Kelly Thompson Flickr 2018 Photo

MVPX 500 @ Mount Vernon, Indiana

MVPX 500 switches out a grain elevator in Mount Vernon, Indiana. The GP9R was built by the SP, served on the Cal Train after the SP, and now resides in the Port of Indiana.

Jim Pearson Photography posted
EVWR coal train chases it's tail at Mount Vernon, Indiana
Evansville Western Railway 6001, 6003 & 6002 chase their tail as the work their way around the loop, unloading their coal train at the Mount Vernon Transfer Terminal at Mount Vernon, Indiana. The coal is then loaded onto barges in the background on the Ohio River on March 10th, 2021.
In the middle of this frame you can see all the flooding due to the recent rains that has fallen though out the region.
According to Wikipedia: The Evansville Western Railway (reporting mark EVWR) is a Class III common carrier shortline railroad operating in the Southern Illinois and Indiana region. It is one of three regional railroad subsidiaries owned and operated by P&L Transportation.
Tech Info: DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone, RAW, 4.5mm (24mm equivalent lens) f/2.8, 1/500, ISO 100.
David Matthews: Jim Pearson Photography Is that cgb in the back?
Jim Pearson Photography: David Matthews Yes.
[Comments indicate the trains are 105 cars long.]

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