Friday, July 31, 2015

BRC's West 12th (22nd) Street Yard and MJ Overpasses

(Update: I have found other maps that called this 22nd Street Yard. Thus the parenthetical expression in the title.)

pdf copy from 1915 Smoke Abatement Report, p. 339
Between 12th and 22nd Streets (between Roosevelt and Cermak Roads on modern maps), Belt Railway of Chicago had a freight yard. This was an expensive yard because it was elevated and 16th street went under it. Today, most of the yard area is inaccessible vacant land.

The underpass is interesting because it shows that the west-most track is owned by a different railroad because it has a separate bridge.

Fortunately, this 1915 map is detailed enough to indicate that track was owned by the Manufacturers Junction Railway (MJ).

20140928 0059rc
A street level view of the west side of the railroad bridges over Cermak Road/22nd Street also indicates the western bridge has a different owner. Not only is it painted blue, it has a more modern single span design. I'm still struggling with how to take pictures to best capture the "urban tunnel" of a long underpass. It seems the sun can catch imperfections in the windshield when the angle is right. The following three photos are of the 16th Street underpass travelling from East to West. The third photo successfully caught the underside edge of the long BRC underpass and the relatively short underpass of the MJ.

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