Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Old Tractors on Parade

Much of this years July 4th Parade was similar to last year's parade, and I won't repeat those pictures. But the old tractor part of the parade was bigger this year. In addition to the usual IH and John Deere tractors, the parade included an Oliver tractor. This is the first Oliver I have seen personally. I also caught a Minneapolis and Case at a family reunion.

20150704 2460
Before doing the tractors, the out-of-town band stopped to put on a show in our block so I switched to video. After I was done with the recording, people were trying to get my attention to look behind me on my right. It was the tuba player that you hear rather distinctly at the end of the video.

Below are pictures I took of the tractors in the parade. Of particular interest is the Oliver Super 77 Diesel near the end.


When Downers Grove does a parade, we get a handful of tractors. When Dyersville, IA does a tractor parade, they get 153! I picked this tractor because it is the first time I've seen a Massey Harris.

Screenshot from video
In fact, it had two Massey Harris tractors. And there were a couple of Massey Fergusons.

Screen shot from video
Then a couple of days later a came across a a video of a 1952 Massey Harris 55 that had been hopped with a 390 V-8 for tractor pulling. The commentator describes how over designed the drive train was because you can replace the original 45hp engine with a 400hp engine and not bust the transmission or rear-end.

A video of a parade of tractors plowing

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