Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An Internal Combustion Engine without a Crankshaft

Coolspring Power Museum
I have described three ways to convert natural gas to rotating energy: internal combustion engines, gas turbines, and steam turbines using gas fired boilers. I have discovered on Facebook an internal combustion engine that looks more like an old fashioned steam engine than a modern crankshaft engine.

The video shows the startup, running, and shutdown of the engine.

The piston rod passes through four combustion chambers. Each combustion chamber has an igniter on each end so that the four pistons are double-acting. It burns natural gas to pump natural gas out of fields in northern PA to the Buffalo, NY area.

Another video. I hope they complete the plans of hooking up the compressor so that they can run it under load. But they would compress air instead of gas.

Update: I came across some more links to Snow engines in action. Here is a 7:24 video of the Coolspring 600hp Snow engine. I can't find again the video I liked of a 400hp Snow engine. If you do a search, there are quite a few videos out there.

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