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Milwaukee Road's Delmar Junction: Milw vs. Milw + NYC

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NorthAmericanInterlockings:   photo
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
(not in CRJ)
Delmar Junction is where Milwaukee Road connected to their Chicago, Terre Haute and Southeastern Railway. Derek M. Piec posted a current picture that now is just vegetation since both routes have been abandoned. Bob Bruns has a couple of pictures of what the junction looked like when the tower was still standing: 1 and 2.

The CTH&SE is the north/south route on the right side of the photo. The Kankakee Belt is the diagonal line that crosses the CTH&SE. The tower was in the southwest "quadrant." The Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary paralleled the Kankakee Belt until it curved north to connect with the CTH&SE. There is also a large-radius connector starting near the left of the photo and curving southward. This would have been the main connection for Milwaukee since their purpose for the CM&G was to get their coal trains from southern Indiana around Chicago to their Bensenville Yard and the rest of their system.

You can clearly see the tree line, not only for the CTH&SE, but also for the large-radius connector to the south. Bridge abutments are still present in the drainage channel and in the Kankakee River.

Eric Berg posted
On October 27th, 1974 at Delmar tower on the Southeasterns Terre Haute sub, it appears as though the Gary Line job is either getting their train ready to go west or lining it up to head back to Faithorn. Whatever the case, this view of the tower looking N/N/W across the then Penn Central diamond is a great capture with the train in the wye, as this was a rare background scene in photos of Delmar tower. Milwaukee Road rib side bay window caboose # 990060 sits in the wye with cars on both sides of it and in the distance, just to the right of the crossing flasher the southbound distant signal can be seen. Photo by Ted Schnepf.
Steve Drassler also posted
James Bourdreaux posted Ted Schnepf's photo. Eric repeated his comment above and Evie N Bob Bruns commented that we are looking northbound.
Mike Kondrot posted
Milwaukee Road Delmar Tower
Looking north on the Milwaukee Road at Delmar tower, the crossing of Milwaukee's Southeastern line with New York Centrals 3-I line. Delmar tower was situated at MP 53.05 on the Milwaukee Roads Terre Haute Division and MP 86.85 on NYC's Kankakee Line, on their Western Division.
Dale Burkhalter Went by this point many times on the Kankakee Belt Line.
Mark Egebrecht Year?
Mike Kondrot 1970???

Peter Zimmermann posted
6 miles east of Momence and about 50 miles south of Chicago was Delmar junction, crossing of the Milwaukee Road's Terre Haute Division main line between Harvey Illinois & Bedford Indiana with the South Bend Indiana to Zearing Illinois "Kankakee Line" of the New York Central, now Norfolk Southern. The Milwaukee's "Gary Line" to Rockford[IL] also ended here at the tower.

The Milwaukee Terre Haute Division main line through here was abandoned on March 1st, 1980 while the "Gary Line" was abandoned between here and Joliet on July 17th, 1978. The NYC line is still active and is the Kankakee Line route of Norfolk Southern between Hammond Indiana and Hennepin Illinois.

Bill Molony posted
Milwaukee Road SD40s #201 and #157, at Delmar interlocking in August 1979.
Kevan Davis 201 is a sd 40 as is 157

Mike Breski posted
Delmar, Illinois, 1978

Southbound Milwaukee Road freight train in Delmar, Illinois, on July 1, 1978. Photograph by John F. Bjorklund, © 2016, Center for Railroad Photography and Art. Bjorklund-66-21-17

Eric Berg posted two photos of the tower with the comment:
2 photos of Milwaukee Roads Delmar Tower which protected the crossing of CMStP&P's Southeastern line and the NYC's 3-I line in 1970. Delmar was also the easternmost point of Milwaukees Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary line. There were 2 wyes in the N/W quadrant and prior to the 1950's there was also a wye in the S/W quadrant from the Milw directly to the CM&G main which crossed the NYC. The CM&G had a small yard west of the tower. The NYC connected to it and could use the CM&G as a passing track between Delmar and Momence. Photos by John Fuller.

Eric Berg posted five photos with the comment: "More photos of Milwaukee Roads Delmar tower at the crossing of NYC's 3-I line from the 1970's. Photos by Ted Schnepf."





Derek M. Piec posted three photos with the comment:
Pictures of the Milwaukee Road CTH&SE Line near Momence, Illinois. Momence has 2 diamonds and 5 Railroads in town. Delmar is where the New York Central and Milwaukee Road crossed. About 10 miles south of this location the original tracks are still in service between Donovan, Illinois and Danville, Illinois now owned by The Kankakee Beaverville and Southern Railroad servicing rural grain elevators along the MILW CTH&SE ROW.



Eric Berg posted
Northbound Milwaukee Road train #77 is pulling accross New York Central's 3-I line at Delmar, Illinois, ca. 1950's. The order board shown here is showing no orders for southbounds and orders to receive without stopping for northbounds. Milw 109C is in charge of this great Bob Mcquown photo. Collection of C&EIHS, Danville Chapter.
Sam Carlson This is the one and only photo I ever saw of a train at Delmar. A couple years ago I tromped around the abandoned MILW trackage there. The trees are still parted so you can walk around the wye in the winter, otherwise the black flies will pick you up and haul you away!

Todd Pearson posted: "Does anyone have a layout of Delmar Junction in Illinois?"
Nick Trimberger Look here:
This was already in the CTH&SE notes.

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