Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Erie's WR Bridge over the Passaic River

Ken Allan posted four pictures of the WR Draw Bridge with the comment:
A short distance "up" on the Passaic River from the abandoned NX movable rail bridge is another abandoned movable rail bridge, WR.This swing bridge connected Newark, with Kearny (Arlington), and was along the Erie's Greenwood Lake branch, later operated as the reworked Boonton line of the Erie-Lackawanna. Freight service ended wiht the creation of Conrail, and passenger trains ended in mid-2002. The bridge itself rarely had to open due to it's height, and at some point it was welded shut, as it remains today. The track was reduced from 2 to 1 after NJT ended service, but no revenue freights ever ran.
Most swing RR brides are truss bridges. This is only the second girder swing bridge of which I have seen photos.



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