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Erie's Hammond Yard and Roundhouse

Erie Employees Magazine, November 1959, search for "gateway"
From the collection of Larry Berger
"HAMMOND YARD, gateway to Chicago and the Calumet district, is ordinarily a very busy place, but when this picture was taken, the steel strike had made heavy inroads into the traffic and the company's business"
The taller building in the background of the above photo was a warehouse. The building peaking out behind it was Bordens. [Bob Lalich]

Looking at a 1938 aerial photo, the yard was bounded by Douglas and Waltham Streets on the north and south and by Lyman and Sohl Avenues on the west and east. The steam engine servicing facilities were on the north side. The Douglas Pointe Apartments repurposed the land. The Erie Lacawanna Trail is where the mainline ran along the west side of the yard.
Bob Lalich commented on a post
The Erie roundhouse was demolished in the 1950s but the turntable survived into the 1970s. Here is an aerial photo of the yard showing the roundhouse.
Michael Dye posted
A joined and captioned 1930 aerial photo of Hammond, Indiana. This photo shows the locations and addresses of Hohman Tower, the Erie Yard and roundhouse, along with the location of the original Monon depot, and the depots of the Erie, MC, NKP and C&O.
West is at photo's top.

Josh Lemier posted
Here we see the Erie Lackawanna 825 flying through Hammond, Indiana with the last run of the Lake Cities on January 4, 1970.
Photo Credit To Joseph Petric.
[Between the two mainline tracks is the platform for Erie's Hammond Depot]
3D Satellite
It is probably interesting that Erie was still using cab units in 1970, but it is the building and the yard that caught my attention. The building is still standing and the railfan views are looking north.

Calumet City, 1929, 1:24,000

Michael Dye posted
Looking South, into the Erie Lackawnna's yard, from Douglas Street. Hammond, IN 1969. The building to the left is part of the Erie's 1950s era Diesel Engine house. Seen to the right is the EL's two track main. Off the photo's right edge was the Monon's single track main.
Photographer - Unknown

Michael Dye shared
Mark Niceley Wow! A Dressel Switch Lamp. Only seen in Antique Stores now. (and not cheap!!)

1962 Track Diagram from Rails&Trails at 150%
Mark Llanuza posted
Photographer Mike Schafer captured this snow storm in Hammond Ind 1967 with F-units

Mike Breski posted
• IHB 9005 and 8721 •
An SW9 and NW2 at work in the late 1960s Courtesy of Charlie Stricker.
Bob Lalich This photo was taken at Douglas St at EL's Hammond Yard. Many eastbound EL trains that originated at 51st St filled out at Hammond.

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