Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rock Island over Rock River in Milan, IL

(Bridge Hunter NorthJohn Marvig North, 3D Satellite North,
  Bridge Hunter SouthJohn Marvig South, 3D Satellite South)

In 1894 these six steel lattice trusses were used to build the bridge across the Sylvan Slough. They were moved here in 1930 when the slough bridge was replaced with a steel girder bridge.

Bridge Hunter North
This photo is from September 25, 1915 as was used by the Rock Island Southern Railroad.

Both bridges have three lattice trusses, so I can't use the number of trusses to determine which bridge this is. But in order to get a low sun to lineup with the bridge, I'm guessing this is the north bridge.

Jeff McDowell posted
CRI&P Vandruff Island Railroad Bridge

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